OffsetsDB, created by CarbonPlan (https://carbonplan.org) is a regularly-updated snapshot of carbon offset projects, credit issuances, and credit retirements published by the following carbon offset registries:

  • American Carbon Registry (ACR)


  • Climate Action Reserve (CAR)

  • Gold Standard (GLD)

  • Verra (VCS)

Carbon offset information has historically been scattered across multiple locations in formats that are not particularly useful to researchers. This database is meant to increase transparency, accountability, and reliability of the carbon offset market, and to provide researchers with a robust tool for visualizing, validating, and cross-checking offsets. We hope you find it useful!

Our Terms of Use Apply To OffsetsDB#

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Intellectual Property Rights#

Because OffsetsDB consists of purely factual information concerning carbon offsets that has been made publicly available by the above-referenced registries, CarbonPlan does not claim copyright in this data.

However, please note that CarbonPlan does not make any representation as to whether any of the above-referenced registries may claim any rights in the data they have published. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please reach out to the registries directly.